Welcome to Postbox Studios

PostBox is dedicated in our philosophy of working with producers, directors and clientele to create programming unique to each project. We achieve this through our comprehensive understanding of storytelling, communication and design; applying dynamic principals of production through high-end post production finishing tools.

Our team has a strong focus on consultation in the pre-production process in order to best capture the clients' needs the first time. This not only maximises efficiency for us, but saves our client's money by minimising changes and unnecessary time in the studio. 

The PostBox collective team has extensive knowledge in production, the synergy in which covers the entire creative production process; Writing, Producing, Directing, Editing, Creative, Art Direction, 3D/2D Animation, Motion Graphics, Design and Digital Media. 

And did we mention our fantastic studio space? PostBox Studios is located high above East Redfern and offers all the comforts conducive to creativity. Each suite is fitted with large comfy sofas, loads of space and room to spread your work out. The studio hosts one of the best creative spots in the area with an abundance of natural light and an amazing view of the Sydney city skyline from our BBQ area.

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